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Encircle me, I want to be taken down

March 28, 2011

My mind has been wandering a lot lately. As such, I’ve taken up to writing it all down in the hopes that I’ll learn something in the end if I study it all closely enough. Today I’m sharing one of the fantasies I was obsessing over for the last month. It felt decadent and gratifying. Perhaps it’s an internal commentary on my desire to feel completely wanted right about now. Perhaps I’m simply craving an interaction that it closer to my roots. Either way, I found it super hot and figured it would be appropriate to share…

We stand in the middle of the room at dusk. The floor lays empty and all that remains is a few boxes by the door. In the absence of any lamps, it is dark enough for no one to really see inside the barren windows, while still allowing enough light that I can see you.

Watching you walk to the wall where you left your bag, you pull out a roll of duct tape while smiling deviously at me. I know you know that the sound alone of the tape will excite me the moment you rip off a length. Instead, you walk back toward me and I can see your fingers tracing the edges, taking your time. I watch you slowly start to encircle me and I begin to feel like your prey. I imagine that you are running through all the ways you could incapacitate me tonight in your mind. Then, the moment seems to pause as you find your answer and stop your pacing just out of my sight.

I hear you tear off a length of tape and the next thing I know the room has gone black. I feel your hands on my thighs as they find their way up my dress and grab hold of my panties…

“You won’t be needing these tonight.”

One smooth motion and the cool metal of your pocket knife presses into my hips. It feel your force as you shove the remnants quickly into my mouth and a second strip of tape wraps around my jaw. Soon, the familiar tightness spreads to my chest and I’ve lost the use of my arms as well.

With no way to see, speak, or move I suspect I am right where you’ve wanted me all along- completely at your mercy.

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  1. Nicoli permalink
    March 28, 2011 3:49 pm

    Aww.. just stopped right when it was getting good. Oh well. Hope you had fun.

    • cuffs permalink
      April 1, 2011 12:28 am

      im liking your posts great job its hard your first time revealing your kinks

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