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Day 2: List your kinks

March 20, 2011

Oh, what’s that?? It’s 30 Days of Kink!

I had a really hard time writing this post. Why? It’s intimidating writing out my kinks! Clicking little check boxes or hitting buttons involves much less commitment. So.. *big deep breath* here they are, my kinks:

Age Play

I’m a Lolita. I very much enjoy the headspace afforded by playing with my little side. Sometimes, I can play nicely with other littles and fit right it! Most of my interests in age play lie on the sexualized side. I have a retainer and love making out in it dressed in my naughty school girl outfit. I haven’t gotten to play much with this side because of the very taboo nature however. Not many people I have met in the community are open to playing sexually with someone while they are identified as underage. For a better glimpse at my lolita-esque fantasies- Forbidden Fruit: A Confession on Age Play


Rope, leather strapping, tape, chains, handcuffs… you name it I’m probably interested in being wrapped up in it. I’ve even put together a guide: How To Bind A Bird!

Boot Play/Worship

Boots. Not just any boots, and certainly not ALL boots. More specifically, His boots. His boots are a part of him, part of his identity. The boot play came naturally with our take downs. I love the “thud” and the compression they afford. When I’m feeling submissive, playing with His boots puts me in a natural position to our dynamic. I love the imagery of being beneath His feet. The worship grew from this dynamic and play relationship. There was a natural progression from loving cuddles after such a scene to worship. I gladly caress and kiss his boots, especially after they have provided me with such lovely amounts of pleasure. To find myself beneath his boots is like… Bringing Me Home.

Breast/Nipple Torture

My nipples are my cum buttons. Sometimes, just like sex can be really hot when it borders on pain, nipple play can be too. 😉

Consensual Non-Consent

I enjoy my Consensual Non-Consent (CNC) to be in a 24/7 manner. For me, the joy is in 24/7 CNC dynamics. There is unexpectedness and a growing fear in the thought that at any moment that I am near a partner whom I have negotiated this typed of dynamic with could take control.

Duct Tape

It’s sticky and sometimes shiny. It comes in pretty colors. When you pull it off the roll it makes an unmistakable noise (which happens to be a sexy time trigger for me). It is tough. Capable of binding even the squirmiest of submissives with a single roll. When I’m bound in tape, I can feel every inch of my skin tug and  react with even the subtlest of movements. Tape is fast and quickly restrains but allowing plenty of time to keep playing, no pesky and time consuming knots needed here! And then, there’s peeling it off. It feels as if my skin itself is being torn away. The sensation, of both pain and freedom is sexy and indulgent. Ya, duct tape totally gets me hot.


Force can be assault, agression, getting roughed up, violence, consensual-nonconsent, Force can be mental too, making you do thinks you don’t really want to. Tamer things can fall into this category too, but for me playing with force is like being the “damsel in distress”. I don’t just let you have your way, no, no, no. You have to force your way into a position of power. For me, playing with the element of force is D/s and S/M all in one lovely little package.

Needle Play

I never expected to love needle play, but the energy is addictive. Sure, I love the pain as the steel slices my flesh. I also might love the way there is a constant painful presence, the way the pain builds with each addition. I also might get hot over the imagery of my flesh being decimated under your hands… but my favorite part of needle play? That would be playing with someone who has a passion for needles. There is something so distinct about the energy exchange with a Needle Top. Mmmmm….


I love “thud”. A good punching scene can feel like you’re reaching right into my soul. Feeling my chest reverberate with every hit.. feeling my flesh grow more and more tender as the bruises begin to form deep inside. Punching is intimate, no toys or distance between us. As a top I love that I can be right on top of you as my fists fly, staring right into your eyes and breathing in your every breath as you exhale with each hit. As I bottom, I love that you have to stay close to still land your shots… there is a connection in the physical contact like nothing else I’ve found in the lifestyle.

Resistance Play

I am new to resistance. It’s only in the last year or so that Mr. Rawr has been helping me find comfort in wiggling away, prying at his fingers or throwing elbows myself during our take-down scenes. I struggled a lot with the idea of how he might react to my actions telling him, “NO!”. But slowly, I’ve discovered a new thrill in truly feeling conquered- knowing that I’ve tried my damnedest and he still wins, placing me rightly beneath him in our power dynamic.

Rough Sex

I never thought of my desire for rough sex to be too extreme or kinky, I felt it was passionate. Perhaps if our bodies collide with enough force, we could become one? Rough sex overwhelms me and envelops me, getting lost in the experience with my partner. “Vanilla” sex is hard for me these days, it’s there on occasion.. but often I have a hard time processing if someone isn’t being shoved into a pillow, pinned down, or pounded.

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