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Review: Sportsheets Neck and Wrist Restraints

March 18, 2011

Often, the type of restraints I enjoy are of the extreme variety- handcuffs, chains, leather strapping, etc. However, this isn’t the case for all of my partners. Having variety in the heat of the moment is nice, which is why I was really excited about reviewing Sportsheet’s Neck and Wrist Restraints.

The set consists of three soft cuffs, one larger which is intended to for the wearer’s neck and two smaller for the wrists. The cuffs are lined in a flexible neoprene which is about half an inch wider on each side than the nylon strap which provides the strength to the cuffs. They easily velcro shut. The neck cuff has a long nylon strip which extends perpendicularly and is bordered with several sets of D-rings. Basic, but nice. Now, it’s the hardware that I found a need to swap out. The set up comes with only one clip and no matter how I tried, I couldn’t find a way to restrain someone with the neck piece and both wrist cuffs using only one clip. What worked for me was substituting the clip the set came with a few of my own clips. I chose something like this. You could also use a set of small Master locks if you were looking for something a little more secure if you have an amateur escape artist on your hands. Because of the construction, this isn’t a set you’d want to use with heavy resistance play, suspension, or anything that would place more than a moderate amount of stress on the cuffs. The velcro, keyright style O-rings, and the material I doubt would hold up. That being said, this is a GREAT set for someone new to bondage and restraint because of the velcro closures. Plus, the material is machine washable which means you can easily clean the set between uses.

My challenge to myself was to find a way to have a really hot, kinky scene with the neck and wrist restraints. What this meant was that I quickly found a need for finding a play partner who would appreciate less severe restraint scenarios. So, I threw out an offer on Fetlife and wound up having an amazing scene with an old flame (who has since found her way back into my life, but that’s another story). We planned our scene on the night of a big house party that boasts a very large and impressive dungeon in their basement. The place space was already pretty full so we took up the only free corner. I ended up restraining her with her arms behind her back in the sportsheets set and proceeded to make her balance while riding my leg (I’d brought along my favorite thigh harness!) as waves of orgasms hit. It was hot. Mmmm… predicament sex. Then lots of hot kick fucking, grinding, forced exhibitionism and forced orgasms commenced. What was really nice, though, was that she had a sense of security with the set. If she really wanted, she could have taken them off herself and gotten out of the situation. Something that I find very enticing when playing with someone for the first few times out at a party or even when first trying bondage and restraint in the bedroom.

While they’re great for a first piece, the machine washable materials and easy modifications have kept them in my toy box even though I usually play with more “heavy duty” restraints. Want a set of your own? Head on over to!

Sportsheets Neck and Wrist RestraintsBondage, Fetish & Kink • Sex Toys

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