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February 14, 2011

Note: The new site is taking longer than usual and my writing is getting antsy.. So I’m going to start writing again off and on and keep you posted. 🙂

Friday the Drinking Buddy and I went out for what seems to be our usual pool/beer night and wound up at the strip club downtown. Apparently, this is what happens when he goes to buy a $5 sandwich at Subway, tries to pay with a $100 bill and ends up with a wallet full of ones. The multiple pitchers of beer probably had something to do with it too.

So, I’ve gotta say- I really haven’t been to many Strip Clubs. IT WAS OSSIM. My last two experiences were with an asexual ex-boyfriend who thought it would be sexy (and maybe get him in the mood?). Needless to say, I left turned on and we went home only for him to crawl in bed. It kind of tainted my whole evening, checking out naked women with someone who isn’t enjoying the same way you are is NO FUN.

This was not the case with Drinking Buddy.

I have to say, I am a sucker. I can forsee many more nights spend like last Friday dishing out the dollar bills. Why, you might ask? Well, I have a simple answer for you. Every single girl who was queer-friendly (as in actually paid attention to me instead of choosing to dance with the stair rail instead of taking MY dollar) were genuinely happy to have someone appreciating and looking to connect, even in a casual flirty way, rather than be oogled by the plethora of drunk douche bags.  And that made me feel good. Both to be getting attention and giving someone a positive interaction during their work night.

Lets set the scene, shall we?

This is what I wore that night. No wonder I got so much attention? They were groped, moter-boated, and oogled by every girl who came to chat with me. One even told me that if hers had looked like mine she wouldn’t have paid the $7k for her surgery! But then I met the ONE. She was gorgeous, curvy, with the most expressive face of any of the other girls working. She was a shameless flirt and after I told her I’d help distract her from the jerks who wouldn’t stop treating her like a piece of meat, she told me and the Drinking Buddy she’d rather spend the night just talking to us… so we helped her out and bought ourselves our first lap dances. She took our cherry, we took hers (she’d never danced for two people at once, she was nervous.. it was cute!) and we left happy campers, with a significant dent in our wallets.

“On a scale of 1 to whore, she’s definitely a 1!”

“You bring your titties, she’ll bring hers and fun will be had by all”

I woke up the next morning to a new fetish on fetlife started by the Drinking Buddy: “Using Evey as Stripper Bait.” 🙂

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