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I lied..

January 2, 2011

What started as a week, has turned into two and it’s time for me to be realistic and share my plan for this blog:

By the end of the month this little blog will transform into a real website.

Its a little something I’ve been hatching up for months, and I’m close to sharing it with everyone. There will be changes, lots of changes. My writing is going to change focus and stop chronicling the “what” in my life and, instead, look into the “why” and “how”. While I have no issues with myself and my life being known I am choosing to reclaim my sex, my love and my relationships. That type of honesty isn’t needed right now for my path to growth. You can expect a lot more introspection and growth, more discussion, and more stories of me pushing my own boundaries. There will still be toy reviews and the occasional erotic writing, that isn’t changing. Some of you might not notice a difference in the content structure of my story, but it’s big for me. It’s the difference between simply not happening to write about certain topics and subjects and making the conscious decision to exclude such details from the story.

The look is also changing. The current layout has always been a place holder in my mind until I had the time and creative energy to put into pixels what I had cooked up in my mind.

So, that being said I have LOTS more work to get done as I trudge along and get closer to relaunch this month. Until then, I will be on a posting hiatus. So, enjoy with me a trip down memory lane as I repost stories from the last two years in preparation for this site to become my own private archive.

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  1. January 6, 2011 10:29 am

    I’m so excited to see what the relaunch looks and feels like! Have a good hiatus, cutie!

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