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Honest Answers: Nipples and Fists

November 16, 2010

Do you know what the bumps on your areolas mean in braille?

NO! But, I totally wish I did. I imagine it’s something like “touch here” or “cum buttons”. But you never know…

Have you ever tried fisting?

Technically, yes. Shanna says anytime you attempt to put a fist in an orifice, it’s fisting. However, I have yet to fit a full fist in my cunt. Furthest anyone has gotten would be my former partner, Vie. I believe we achieved all 5 fingers, but couldn’t make it past his thumb knuckle. But it was sexy and most definitely something I look forward to doing with a partner who is as eager and interested (I hate vaginal play with people who are doing it because I’m into it). That being said, I did have a really hot dream about fisting “the girl with the hubcap” last week… 😉

Have a question for me? I love answering them..

❤ Evey

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