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Sex Toy Review: Le Reve Vibe

October 28, 2010


In French, Le Reve means, “The Dream”. That’s a pretty high standard to live up to, if you ask me. I wasn’t looking forward to this toy. I expected to hate the smooth curve and feared that it wouldn’t be substantial enough for my tastes in insertables. To my surprise, the Le Reve Vibe has joined the part of my toybox filled with my most favorite toys! When it showed up and I pulled it out of it’s box I was surprised at the size, much more girthy than the marketing lets on. It sits flush on a flat surface, almost like a sleek, contemporary handle. Not completely discrete, but might make someone look twice to figure out what it was. For size comparison, I took a picture of the toy with my Outlaw…

The vibrations aren’t the strongest I’ve felt (hellooooooo hitachi!) but it does to a really good job of focusing the vibrations on the tip of the toy. Why is this important? Because this is one of the few toys that’s I’ve used that reaches my g-spot. There is nothing more frustrating than craving delicious vibrations on a very specific point and having to deal with a toy that doesn’t direct the stimulation well. It’s too bad that the vibrator isn’t rechargable.. because it would perhaps be one of the greatest toys I own. I love that the solid, firmness of the toy really can lead to the sensation of a good rough fuck. The curve of the toy, while not the easiest when using on myself, is superb for really getting a good amount of g-spot pressure with a partner. I was left inspired the other weekend, while spending time with “the girl who thought to bring me a hubcap”, to do more and go farther than we have yet… and it was because of her reactions to the Le Reve.

So, what is all that I dreamt it to be? Perhaps not entirely, but I certainly am happy it has found it’s way onto my nightstand.

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