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Scarleteen Blog Carnival: Why you shouldn’t be missing this.

October 22, 2010

When I first heard about the Scarleteen Blog Carnival(being hosted by the amazing AAG!) I thought it was definitely a great cause. I just felt detached from it. Call that selfish if you will. I don’t have kids, I’m not a sex-educator, I’m part of the sex blogging community, sure, but only because I write dirty dirty tales not fit for juvenile consumption. I like it but I certainly didn’t get it in the personal sense. How did this apply to me? I’m an adult. I’m educated about sex, right?  That is what I thought until this morning.

The following link is from Furry Girl’s entry. I know not all my friends are sex blog geeks like me so maybe these names don’t mean anything to you, but they are amazing writers, doing amazing things for sex-positivity…

Furry Girl’s Entry

The post almost speaks for itself, but I just can’t say enough how awe-strickenly happy I was this morning when I read it. I very much relate to her views on serialization and wish this was advice that was much more readily available. Which hey, is what the Scarleteen Blog Carnival is raising support for: more comprehensive, sex-positive, body-positive education.

I am 23 and have known since I became sexually active at 17 that I didn’t want kids. Family and doctors have told me when I bring it up that I’ll change my mind. I tell my mother every time we talk (which isn’t often) that she needs to stop hoping she will be a grandmother (I’m her only kid) but she hasn’t listened for the last 6 years. I have held back for a long time to try and find out about sterilization options because all I’ve ever heard is horror stories about what happens when young women try to seek out such procedures. Not to mention, while I certainly think my friends and adopted family here in Denver would be supportive, I have been afraid of the fight with them. When I lived in one of the bluest states in our nation, California, I didn’t worry. I figured if I got pregnant somehow, I knew I could have it terminated because, hell, this was a state where trips to Planned Parenthood were FREE! But, when I moved to a more “purple” state with measures on the ballots every election about a variety of women’s reproductive health measures the fear started to set in. Here in Colorado we have had measures that would, among other things, require women to be forced to have their IUDs removed against their will for not being a legally sanctioned form of birth control. Her story really makes me want to seek out my sterilization options, having heard that someone like me has had success. Because in the tragic event that one of these ballot measures passes, I don’t want to have my right to control my body stripped from me.

Sex education isn’t just for teens It took Furry Girl sharing her story for me to remember that. But, it’s something I should have never forgotten. Dear friends like Shanna Katz fight every day for a reason. She fights for education by organizing kink aware, body-positive, sex-positive educational opportunities IN THREE STATES. She fights by educating medical students as to why it is important to include T and Q with their LBG verbiage. I don’t know why I forgot this. I don’t know why I forgot that even little ME supports adult sex education though all the work and support of SKALES (Safe Kink Adult Lifestyle Education and Support) whom I have been participating and organizing with for the last two years.

I know a lot of my readers are other sex bloggers for whom nothing I wrote today is NEW information or perhaps even that revolutionary. But to the rest of you, please, if you haven’t already: check out Scarleteen. We all know someone in our life who has suffered from inadequate sex education and we all know someone in our lives who is just beginning their sexual journey. These are the people who Scarleteen is trying to reach. Shanna Katz participated in the Blog Carnival today as well and has promised that every person who donates more than $5 to Scarleteen and emails her proof and a mailing address she will send an awesome prize package. So please, take a moment today/this weekend/whenever and reach out.

Step 1: Visit Scarleteen

Step 2: Read Shanna’s post about how to get your free gift with donation!

Step 3: Read posts from other participating bloggers in the Carnival

Step 4: Keep up with the posts for the rest of the month by reading AAG’s blog!!!

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  1. October 23, 2010 6:50 pm

    You are a rock star. The end!

  2. October 25, 2010 7:55 pm

    Good stuff, for sure =)

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