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Sex Toy Review: Bubbles

September 3, 2010

Okay, so first I want to thank Fascinations or bringing me into their Review Program. I’ve been shopping in their stores since I first moved to Denver three years ago and am really glad to be a small part of their company. On with the review…

Bubbles is one of the new “Click ‘N’ Charge” toys from Fun factory and part of their line of miniVIBES. Because of the awesome magnetic charging pad (more on this later) as opposed to more traditional chargers which need access to sensitive electronic bits, Bubbles (as well as the rest of the Click ‘N’ Charge line) is 100% waterproof. Rechargable… waterproof… vibrator… awesome? Why, YES, I believe it is. I really wanted to like this toy.. I was REALLY excited. It’s pink and it’s freaking bubbles. In my mind, this vibrator looked like the epitome of everything that is Evey. Only way I would have been more excited was if there was glitter embedded in the silicone itself.. oh ya, it’s 100% silicone as well!

So what’s the problem? My clit did not seem to agree in the awesometasticness of rechargable, pink, silicone, waterproof, bubbles. There just wasn’t enough stimulation because of the size and perfectly spherical shape of the bubble at the end. I like to be able to play with more concentrated vibrations as I bring myself to orgasm, which you find in smaller points of contact. The large surface area of the bubbles spread the vibrations out too much to be very stimulating for me. Ya.. I got off with it, but it took some serious effort (and a lot of Sinn Sage!) Okay.. fine. It’s not necessarily intended to only be used on one’s clit. “I can work with this,” I thought, “I have vibrators that work on my clit, let see how it works as an insertable.” It didn’t It just didn’t hit any of the right spots. I kept feeling like I wanted it to be a bit longer and thicker. My vaginal canal is, as I’ve been told, at a very different angle than most (my doctor says it’s “inverted”?) and part of that is my G-Spot is not in the typical spot. I have trouble with partners fingering me in the sense that often times pressure to the spot where most women’s G-Spot can be found is insanely unpleasant and borderline uncomfortable. What does this mean for bubbles? The curve of the stacked bubbles was not at an enjoyable angle for me. I needed to be able to thrust it in further and that just wasn’t going to happen without losing my grip on the toy.

The vibrations themselves were moderately powerful. There are also three vibration patterns that you can access only after you’ve turned the vibe on high. IF this were a toy who’s vibrations I enjoyed, that would annoy me to no end. I only like patterns once I’m close to orgasm to kind of tease and deny me toward my orgasm. I like things to be fluid if I’m close.. I want it NOW and it want it SEAMLESS. I don’t want to have to move from the sensation I’m on to something possibly stronger and “too much” to get to a pattern cycle.

There are a few parts of the toy that did really work for me though. The first is the way the silicone feels. It’s soft. I could sit and touch it all day. It’s not like some silicone that get a bit tacky, so that was a definite plus. But the one aspect of Bubbles that really makes me like the direction that Fun Factory is taking their toy line is the way the toy charges. All you have to do is connect the magnetic charging disk to the metal Fun Factory logo on the toy and let it be. Simple. I think it’s definitely innovative. Unlike some toys with charging bases, this is easily portable and yet easily distinguishable from other toy chargers.

Overall, I really like the entire concept of the Bubble miniVIBE and wished it worked for me. It just doesn’t. Luckily, it’s sterilizable with a quick wipe down of 10% bleach solution (I don’t care if it’s waterproof.. it’s not a smart idea to boil any vibrating toy when attempting to sterilize) which means I can happily use it with other partners. Oh ya, I’ve already thought about how sadistically fun it would be to use a vibrator that just doesn’t QUITE do the trick. Plus, I know that my needs in a toy aren’t quite the same as most people. For now Bubbles will sit in my toy box and wait til it finds the perfect pussy for me to use it on.

Want to try out Bubbles or any of the other Fun Factory miniVIBES? Click here to shop fascinations online store!

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  1. Jey permalink
    September 5, 2010 11:28 pm

    Congratulations on the first review. The toy is way cute.

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