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New Update!

August 31, 2010

So… I’ve made some big decisions with where I’m taking my writing. Well, big for me at least. I’ve been working on my own site which will launch later this year, bought my hosting and all that jazz. I’ve also decided that once my site launches I’m going to sign up to be an affiliate with various toy companies and what not. But perhaps the biggest change, because it’s happening this week, is that I’ve become a toy reviewer for Fascinations and You may have noticed their links pop up on my side bar in the last month, but I haven’t really been ready to talk about it until now. I’ve been trying to figure out how I want being a toy reviewer to fit into the concept of my writing. I didn’t want to become one of those blogs that was an attempt to make money, because that would detract from why I write- self exploration. I also don’t have any sort of business, in my mind, getting into that aspect of the industry. I’m not a sex educator, I don’t want to run a review-only blog and I was having a hard time really coming to terms with why I wanted to make these changes.

So, how do I intend my reviews to fit into the outline of the overall vision for my site? I’ve always maintained that the purpose of my writing is to explore myself. For the most part, this has been focused on BDSM, my kinks and my fantasies. Before finding the kink community, I used toys only when I masturbated. What I’ve enjoyed as of late is figuring out how to be more open and fluid with my sexuality. Toys have played a big part in that. I can remember how intense my first experience with a Hitachi was, the first time I was fucked by a fuck-zall (dildo meets power tools), my first ride on a fucking machine (and every ride since!) and how amazingly connected to myself and my partners they all made me feel. I want to foster that connection, to find new and amazing toys to create that connection with. Essentially, I’ve totally found a new kink and reviewing is how I plan on enabling said kink!

This is definitely a new direction for me and if anyone has any feedback or suggestions along the way, I am more than happy to listen! While a big part of my writing is for the purpose of self-exploration, I’ve discovered along the way that my readers often have incredibly valuable insights to what I have chosen to share.. I value that kind of insight greatly. So with that.. hold on to your seats because my first review is on Friday!

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