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Guest Rant: Mr. Rawr on Suspension

July 20, 2010

Have I mentioned how amazing my Sir is? The following is a great rant he wrote about a year ago in response to an issue in our local community. FYI- I’m going to put this into perspective before you read any further. I’m somewhere in the range of 180 lbs. At 5’1″, I’m not a small girl by any means. He has suspended me with standard hemp suspensions rope, 4mm cotton rope (otherwise known as common clothesline), and duct tape. I should also note that the “shibari master” he calls out has suspended ME and even noted that I was “surprisingly flexible” for my size. Without further ado- Mr. Rawr’s rant on suspension I promised a few weeks ago:

Alrighty then…

Time for another Rant boys and girls. This time I am actually more than a bit ticked off with something I recently told by a submissive.

First off, my Disclaimer. I am in no way, shape, or form a “Shibari Master”. I do not profess to be any sort of authority on a lost form of rope use from the Ming Dynasty or any other obscure Japanese time period. I am NOT an artist, nor do I care to try and classify myself as such. I DO, however, like to tie up people and hang them from the ceiling on a fairly regular basis. Been doing it for a while now…

Either way, I recently had a submissive look me in the eye and tell me ” I can’t be suspended”. Well then, ok… I assumed medical problem or sever phobia. No problem. I asked her why because I was a bit curious. To my utter amazement, she said ” I weigh over 150 pounds”. I couldn’t believe that had actually come out of her mouth. Apparently, a “Shibari Master” here in local scene had declined to suspended her because she weighed too much and then went on to give her false information so they could avoid that scene.


I am not even going to bother with any of the facts about ethical behavior, or the responsibility that is inherent to the basic aspects of professional and technical knowledge / authority. No, let’s not even bother with responsibility. Self imposed titles remove all responsibility that any individual may have (Especially if you go with “Master”).

Now to the matter at hand. Can’t suspend a person that weighs over 150 lbs… Not safe to do it huh? How about we go with someone didn’t fell like suspending them at the time? Too tired perhaps? Maybe we could just say that you did not find them attractive enough to suspend. Shallow yes, but probably closer to the truth. We could also say that you can only tie a few basic knots, have no formal training whatsoever, and probably know less than seven basic ties, but that sounds a bit harsh doesn’t it…? Maybe, it is simply a matter of not really having a basic understanding of stress points, friction coefficient, dynamic tension, fulcrum points, and load bearing capabilities of the current cordage being used. It’s not like you would actually want to know such things, you’re a Shibari Master after all.

Let me help you out here sparky. While I am in no way any kind of Shibari Master, I might know a few things about suspension.

Technical authority: US Army Air Assault, Sling Load Qualified, Fast Rope Insertion/Extraction, Special Purpose Insertion Extraction. 101st Airborne Division.(Been using ropes on and off to exit aircraft while moving for the last few decades) CLS, ACLS, EMT, and numerous other med quals. to include state and federal certifications. (I have been told that physical and neural damage is a good thing to avoid…)

Professional Authority: 18 years experience suspending objects from soldiers (to include myself) to multiple vehicles from moving aircraft. I think that suspending literally hundreds of people over the years might also count for a little something.

Can’t suspend a person over 150 lbs there big man? Try suspending an armored Hummer in the middle of the night, during a sandstorm, wearing 180 lbs of gear to a moving aircraft. Oh yea, do it while being shot at stud muffin…

I would seriously suggest you reconsider what you tell people. Why don’t you just man up, and tell them the real reason you won’t do it. Don’t give out some chickenshit answer that just serves to spread misinformation to a impressionable submissive that doesn’t know any better.

While my suspension work may not be artistic enough for your discerning taste, at least I am capable of doing it. More importantly, I do actually do it. By this I mean that I suspend the people I know and play with here in the local community. In case you haven’t noticed, there seems to be a shortage of submissive professional model/yoga instructors, that wear size zero in the scene. There are actually real people here. They tend to have some curves to them, they are not some perfect little dolls for you to try to get another self-gratifying picture out of (sorry for the inconvenience).

Here’s a thought… Why don’t you try suspending someone who has never gotten to try it before? Why not take a few moments of your precious time and share a bit of knowledge or skill with someone that would truly appreciate it? You might even find that you can take a small measure of personal pride in the knowledge that you gave them their first suspension experience. Who cares if they weren’t a fashion model? You might actually be doing a good thing, expanding their horizons, building trust, helping them overcome a fear, or at least make them happy. (That is if you actually did something with them, other than taking another picture)

Tell you what big man, why don’t you keep hounding the three or four people in the local community that fit this ridiculously small box you have created. There are hundreds more out there that I will have a good time hanging from the ceiling, and making them squeak. All the while, you can sit back and quietly criticize my work to anyone that will actually listen to you. Make yourself feel better, you obviously need it a hell of lot more then I do.

One last thought… The next time you feel like saying who and who should not be suspended because they are “too big”, come see me. I’ve got something big that’s already hanging for you to look at.

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  1. Lucius permalink
    July 24, 2010 10:28 am

    What brought this on? Obviously Mr. Rawr is right. When you think about what’s being said here, it’s like saying people who weigh over 150 can’t go rock climbing. I weigh over 150 and I’ve been rock climbing, and I’ve been suspended. I will say this though, the more one weighs, the more skilled the rigger has to be. Maybe the rigger in this case simply wasn’t comfortable with his skill level.

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