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Sex Toy Review: The Outlaw

July 16, 2010

Hey all! Todays post is actually a cross post from Essin’Em… enjoy!!

❤ Evey

Thanks to for this sex toy to review. What is it? Why, the Vixen Outlaw of course (made of Vixskin). This is the biggest (length wise, and probably girthwise) silicone dildo available on the market.

Now, I love me some dildos, even the big ones, but when I saw the size of this (almost my forearm), I knew exactly who should review this toy; my lovely moose Evey. She is a size queen extrodinaire, and this was THE perfect toy for her to try out. So I’ve gifted it to her, and the review the follows is from her. It’s 100% medical grade silicone, so you can sterilize it (10% bleach solution, top shelf of the dishwasher with no soap, or boil it 3-5 minutes), but make sure you only use water based lube with it. It comes in vanilla, chocolate and caramel, so you have a nice color selection (if only they were flavored that way!

And with no further ado, the review from Evey.

-Essin’ Em

When Essin’ Em handed me my new toy to review, I couldn’t put it down. I probably held it for a good 20 minutes until I finally let go. I’d heard a lot of hype about the Outlaw by Vixen Creations, how it was HUGE and too big for some people. It is a staggering 8 ½ inches long and 2 inches thick of 100% sterilizable, silicone goodness. I was so ready for the challenge when she asked me to do the review for her! I’ve never met a cock that was “too big”. I’m a purebred size queen, through and through. Squeezing, stroking and touching it, it felt so realistic in my hands. It had give and felt like it pushed back to my firm grasp just like a real cock does you hold on tight. All of a sudden, I understood why everyone loves VixSkin so much. I loved how thick and substantial it felt in my grasp. THIS was a
cock I could fuck.

The first time I took it for a test drive was my second night back home in Denver. I was stressed from the beginning to what was starting to look like a long, challenging work schedule and hadn’t had sex in weeks. So I sat down on my couch, my trusty netbook full of porn and pink pocket rocket by my side. I don’t often use non-vibrating toys, and never alone that I can recall. I lined up a few videos and began warming myself up. Once I’d gotten close, I figured I was ready. I grabbed the Outlaw and slowly began pushing it into my pussy and it took a while. But once in, I pressed the tip of my vibrator into my clit and began fucking myself with the Outlaw. I had been edging and coming down for a good 20 minutes when I was ready to cum. So, I fucked myself harder as the vibrations on my clit started sending me over the edge. What happened next was completely unexpected and something that I’ve never done before. As I was cuming, the muscles in my pussy clamped down (which IS usual.. I’ve been known to push guys out with my orgasms). I responded by pounding the Outlaw into myself even harder and faster. Finally, the cock pops out of me and a gush of liquid shoots across my couch. It was such a release! I quickly shoved the Outlaw back into my pussy- because getting fucked really hard after my orgasm is one of my favorite parts of sex. No less than 10 seconds of more hard fucking and I had pushed it out again and sent another gush onto my cushions. I did this about 5 more times before I stumbled off the couch and grabbed a towel to clean up. I have squirted EVERY TIME I have used it.

But wait… there is MORE. Not only is the outlaw one of the best cocks I’ve had in me. Oh no- it’s also become my new favorite impact toy. I was at one of my local fetish clubs the weekend after I got home from Phoenix and had started an impromptu spanking scene with The Redheaded Slut. I got bored with my canes and paddles so I pulled out my cock (freshly sterilized and ready for play!). The look on her face when she looked over her shoulder to catch a glimpse of whichever toy I’d pulled out next was priceless. I proceeded to cock slap the shit out of her ass and, being the naughty little slut she is, she loved every thuddy moment of it!

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    July 18, 2010 3:12 am


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