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Thunder- HERE I CUM!

July 15, 2010

Tomorrow, I will be heading off to my 2nd weekend at Thunder. Last year, I was single and unsure of being able to play and what not but I ended up having a BLAST! I learned so much at the seminars during the day, and overall it really brought me a better understanding of the community. THIS year, I’m going alone again but it’s okay. Mr. Rawr and company ended up having some things come up that will prevent them from attending (Don’t worry! If you’re planning on going to the after-party it is most definitely still on!!). So- I’m going alone. I’m looking forward to all of the seminars. YES! I’m that nerd who already planned her schedule:


Michael Sol: Fear Factored – The Science of Creating Terror in a Scene

John Pendal: Rope Bondage for the Amateur Escape Artists

Utah Rox: Kiss MY Boots (The Art of High Heel & Boot Worship)

Master Skip Chasey: Cathartic Flogging – Merging the Erotic and the Ecstatic to Factilitate Catharsis


Utah Rox: SM = Sensual Magick – Adding Intention in Your Play

Sir Top & bonnie: Do or Die – When the Going Gets Tough

Tony Buff & Derek Da Silva: Needles for Bondage

John Pendal: Pain is Inevitable – Suffering is Optional

I’m also really, REALLY looking forward to getting to spend some quality time with my other partners who will be in attendance. It’s rare that I get to be out as their Pet, Partner, etc for the night so that will be a nice treat as well. I have plans with a few people to top me, and I’m sure I could easily be coerced into giving a nice duct tape scene, or a good canning! And to top it all off, on Saturday I’m going to be in service to the lovely Essin’em– which I am REALLY looking forward to.

OH! I almost forgot- if any of you are going to be in town this weekend, shoot me a message here/facebook/twitter/fetlife and let me know! I’m always happy to meet up with other bloggers in the lifestyle.

❤ Evey

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