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What happens in Vegas…

July 13, 2010

The usual disclaimer: I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a few of my prior relationships. Okay, I’ll be honest…I’ve been thinking about the sex. I’ve had some pretty fucking great sex, in both my vanilla and kink experiences. I’ve written about a few here but I’m going to take you on a trip down memory lane. Some stories will be about boyfriends and hookups in my vanilla adventures, others former partners in the scene and maybe even one or two from my present relationship. The trick is, I’m not going to tell you who is who because that’s not the point. This isn’t about outing anyone or bragging (OK maybe a little.. I’m proud of my sex life, it’s been an awesome ride) and because of this, most character defining details will be left out. Rather, it’s about exploring my past, and how I can better apply the lessons I’ve learned about where I’ve been to the path I am looking towards taking now. It’s about reassessment and personal growth. I’m excited… I’m REALLY excited. Dammit where’d I leave that pocket rocket???

We had spent the entire day at the poker tables. It’s what I do when in Vegas. One of the people who had flown out for the occasion was this stunningly handsome Russian guy. He was charming and had a stellar accent on top of it all. Somewhere between the cigarettes and double malibu and cokes, his hand slipped up my skirt under the table. Every touch was electric and the touch from his wandering fingers shot though my entire body. I’m fairly certain it showed on my face too. Okay, so I’m more than certain. The dealer had to tell us to cool things off while we were on the casino floor.

“Hey, make sure to keep it tame over there, or I’ll have to ask you to leave the table,” she said before muttering something in spanish under her breath. Being somewhat fluent, I took it as the perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation…

“Es su novio?”

“No, solo es un amigo. Pero, es muy guapo, no??”

“Si,” she giggled,” quein son los otros a la mesa?”

“Oh, el otro hombre es me ‘papi de azucar’ y la mujer es su esposa,” I told her is a big grin. She mentioned something about being a lucky little girl and I nodded emphatically. We sat at the table for another few hours before everyone decided to head home. It was no question who I was going home with, and my friends left me in the capable hands of The Russian.

I’d had a LOT to drink. I remember stumbling thought he casino and eventually finding our way up to the suites. I remember groping him in the hall way on the way to the room. I remember kissing with abounding passion. I recall flashes of rough, passionate sex. I think I might have been in charge (when I’m drinking my dominant side comes out and I have a tendency to go after what I want without hesitation).

I woke up the next morning in his arms. I woke up cuddling with a man I barely knew in a gorgeous suite at one of the most beautiful hotels in Vegas. Worst part- I didn’t remember the sex at all at the point. So, I took steps to remedy that and let my hands wander. I stroked him until he began to moan under his sleep breath. I played with his cock for a good 15-20 minutes before realizing that he wasn’t going to be the kind of guy to take charge. Great, I thought, another guy with a submissive personality in bed. I reached over to the nightstand and found a plethora of condoms. Pulling on off, I put one on his cock and still lying in bed spooning I began to fuck him. As he woke up a bit more, he reached around and began to play with my nipples and I slowly ground him to orgasm. He came and we lay in bed for a few moments. It was awkward. I don’t cuddle, and I hate having soft, sensual sex with strangers. I couldn’t take it anymore and got out of bed to hop in the shower.

Looking at the floor, I was able to piece together a picture of what had happened once we got back to the suite the night before. A few empty shot bottles from the mini-fridge, our clothes strewn about, and two empty condom wrappers on the floor.

By the time I’d finished showering, my sugar daddy had called and gave us directions to the bar everyone was meeting at. Without saying much of anything we gathered our things, hopped in his Audi, and went off to get drunk… again.

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  1. randy permalink
    July 13, 2010 6:05 pm

    But the most important question was left unanswered……did you win at the poker table?

    • voyeurondisplay permalink*
      July 13, 2010 7:53 pm

      Ah… I was up about $70. We play at the low end pai gow tables. My sugar daddy decided to take all my money and blow it on a bad hand though. Seeing as it was HIS money, I walked away with a days full of free drinks, a free pack of cigs and a hot russian.. ya I won at the poker table. 😛

  2. July 13, 2010 7:54 pm

    I’m so proud I followed all of the Spanish in this post! hehe

    Great story. I wish you has remembered more of the rough sex (mostly for my benefit :P) but WOW the idea of being felt up at a poker table! HOT.

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