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Honest Answers

July 8, 2010

A while ago I started up a Formspring account and then promptly forgot about it! *Bad Eveybird!* So recently, I noticed a message in my email alerting me to some questions that had been sitting in my inbox. I have to say I really liked the prompts. They made me think and probably weren’t things I would have covered on my own here on my blog, so thank you! I’m an open book and will try to answer questions as honestly as possible. If you have questions or simply have a writing prompt for me feel free to click the link at the bottom of the post and ask away! Now.. on to the sexy questions:

Why are you so awesome?

To really answer that question I have to consider what is “awesome”… The qualities about myself that I am most proud of I would say are things like… my open-mindedness, my infectious smile, and my obsession with new experiences. I could get all psychological and explain that there was a lot of pain and anguish in my childhood- having fun became an escape. I found ways to make those around me have fun and distract me from the things I went home to. Or we could just chalk it up to fate and the notion that everyone possesses a random assortment of qualities and perhaps I just got lucky with my pairings?

But ya know what I think is awesome? The reasons why you think I’m awesome probably have nothing to do with anything I’ve written. It’s far easier to see the beauty in others than our own Self.

When and how did you get off last?

Mmmm… Monday. I woke up insanely turned on (when you wake up on a lazy Monday morning next to you very naked and sexy Mister, how can you not?!) Needless to say I got myself all worked up at the most inopportune of times and had to go home this afternoon on top of it. I walked in the door of my studio after he dropped me off and immediately set down my bags, pulled out my laptop, grabbed my pocket rocket from my nightstand and decided to break in my newest dildo (I won a yellow Woody from Vixen Creations during their pride week giveaways). I promptly found some insanely hot queer porn and had at it. I came three times before taking a break to head to dinner and ice cream with a dear friend. I then got back home and got off another 4 times with my Woody again. I’m currently spent and trying to let my sheets dry before I need to crawl into bed.

Is there any act in porn that you like watching, but probably would never do in yourself?

Absolutely. I think some of the things I watch are much more sexy as a fantasy. Other things I watch tie into my voyeuristic fetish and don’t even get me off, but technically it’s still porn.

For instance, I actually really enjoy watching watersports porn. Not the gratuitous German stuff that looks like no one is enjoying themselves. Rather, I really enjoy watching men at urinals. It’s not something I watch for masturbatory purposes either, and I don’t think it is something I would enjoy watching or partaking in real life. A large part of the allure is that it is something that as a woman I am not supposed to see.

I also really enjoy forced oral to the point of gagging (but NOT roman showers… ) and that is not really something I’d do in real life either. I prefer my blowjobs with partners to be more from the aspect of me providing a wonderful service and less of me being face fucked (although a little force in initiation is always appreciated!).

Gangbangs and bukakke also fall into that list. I am far too picky to actually be okay with any sort of Gangbang. I usually prefer my sex one-on-one (with the exception of well negotiated threesomes hehe). As far as bukakke, I actually have issue with being cummed ON. See really negative experience of my first blowjob (guy stopped me because it wasn’t up to par and finished on my tits.. found it really degrading).

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