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July 6, 2010

“So, you want restrictive bondage, huh?”

He’s taken one of the leather leads and fed it though a lenght of chain to make a quick hogtie.

“Let’s see if this is.. restrictive…enough for you…”

He tightened the rope around my neck as he worked my arms into the slip knots of the makeshift hogtie and I could feel my breathing struggle slightly. His hand was buried deep in my hair and holding onto a chunk at the base of my scalp- his grasp was stronger that usual in fact. As if the bonds around my throat were not enough his other arm finds its way to my neck and I feel his grip tighten just under my jaw. I try and swallow but the tensing of my muscles only restricts my airways more. My face grows warm and I can begin to feel lightheaded. His grip looses and he catches me as my knees buckle beneath me slightly.

His hand still has a tight grip on my hair and with on small turn of the wrist he has me turned toward the bed and bends me over the rail, face first into a pile of blankets. We must have been close enough to the door because unexpectedly the lights go out. I feel his fist drive into my right hip over and over again. Gasping for breath between punches, I struggle a bit more than usual. He notices and moves onto my triceps.

After alternating between my arms and hips for a good while a firm tug on my hair has me up and standing again. My shirt, which had be removed prior to the hogtie, was shoved into my mouth and tied off around my head.

“You don’t need to be making any noise for this..”

He threw me back over the bed and delivered a few more solid hits to my hips until I feel his arm wrap around me, searching for something. He finds what he’s looking for and my jeans drop to the floor. He pushes my panties under the curve of my ass and he leans in close…

“And you’re not going to be needing those either…”

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  1. slave8832 permalink
    July 6, 2010 8:49 am

    Kneel before your cruel penguin master.

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