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THIS is what happens to naughty little redheaded sluts…

July 2, 2010

I was waiting, silver duct tape in hand, when she returned to the jail cell. Before she had completely entered to join me I stopped her, “Have you put lotion, or any other products, on your skin today?” I questioned. Hesitating for a moment before answering, I could tell I had caught her off guard. “No….” she said slowly trailing into a soft laugh.

“Good, that means the tape is going to hurt tonight.” My tone was more serious than her answer, “I want you to take off as much clothing as you see fit.” As I moved back to watch, she stepped out of her dress and was left revealed in only a little black thong. I still had the duct tape in my hand and readied it a I encircled her. “Mmm..” I leaned in near her and licked my lips as my fingers lightly wandered up and down her back, “you ass looks so smackable tonight. Do you think you can handle this?” I quickly pulled off a length of tape and tightly wrapped it under her chest. Around and around the tape went and in the end her breasts were left in nice, tight bondage.

“Against the bars, arms out.” It took more tape to secure her to the inside of the cell, facing outwards into the fully packed dungeon. The silver against her pale, white skin contrasted wonderfully with her red hair. She stood out from the dark furnishings in the corner and was in perfect view.

“You do realize that now everyone can watch your tits bounce and the faces you make while I beat the shit out of your gorgeous ass.” Picking up my long cane I balanced it between my fingers as I positioned myself for the first swing but paused for a quick notation, “And that’s right… there’s nothing you can do about it.”

When I’d had her ass nice and pink, I set down my cane and ran my fingers up her legs and not stopping until all the way to her shoulders, then back down to where I had started. Grabbing a good handful of each ass cheek, I began kneading her well warmed up behind. The kneading turned to spanking and soon we had ramped back up again. Between hits she managed to comment that my hands felt amazing and everyone should know how to spank like that. I laughed, “You think I’m doing this for your enjoyment?” Standing behind her again, her ass in my hands and I was kneading, “Think again… I just like watching the way you ass jiggles when I smack you.” I pulled and pushed her flesh a bit harder, “You’re currently serving as my visual plaything, keep that in mind.”

After a medley of canes, spanking and punching I could tell she was lost somewhere in euphoric pleasure. Again, I pressed myself up against her back. “How are we doing dear.. keep in mind that tape still needs to come off and it’s going to hurt.”

Her response was a vague attempt at a type of service oriented masochism. “Your energy is addictive,” she began to say, “I feel like I can take more and I want to take more pain to please you”. I could tell though- She was all floaty with just enough stamina left to withstand the de-taping. A quick few snips with the medical scissors and she was out of the tape that held her to the bars of the cell. Now for my favorite part- removing that chest harness.

Slowly encircling her, the anticipation was building. She felt the sting of the tape on her skin here and there as I got down to the bottom layers. She had never felt the sensation of duct tape being removed. The suspension was building and I got a sort of sadistic satisfaction from knowing that even the slight hint she had of what was about to happen would be nothing compared to reality.

I was nice with the first length, pulling away at a moderate speed. Her eyes rolled back a bit and she was softly moaning. “I can see why you love tape so much,” she commented. There was already a scattering of beautiful red stripes against her pale skin- but there was room for one more.

Her observation was in need of correction, “this is why I love tape..” In one motion, I ripped the last of the tape from across the front of her chest. Her eyes widened as she gasped for air and her jaw hit the floor…

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  1. Glittered Sissy Bitch permalink
    July 2, 2010 1:41 am

    This is so sensual that it almost appears real, instead of a well realized fantasy. If I didn’t know better I could think it actually happened. 🙂

  2. July 2, 2010 10:27 am


    *puts tape bondage on her to-do list*

    (and perfect sentence structure variation, by the way! 😛 )

  3. July 3, 2010 2:27 pm

    I really enjoyed the story be it fantasy or reality. I remember like it was yesterday the first time you caned me and have yearned for it ever since perhaps I will come to know the pleasures of the tape as well. Perhaps one day I can return the favor and you can experience the length of my longing and we can command the audience of all Heaven and Hell.


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