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My favorite kinds of sex.

July 1, 2010

I love sex. AND I haven’t had it in a long time, lol. Needless to say it’s kinda all I think about at the moment. Even my pocket rocket is failing to rock my socks in comparison to my cravings. But I’m a very particular person. I’m picky, very picky. Over the years I’ve developed a few scenarios that pretty much just have to happen for me to want to have sex, it’s kind of like going from 0-60 simply based on environmental changes. If I could never do any of the following again, I’m not sure I’d want to live:

Morning Sex. There is something so deliciously sex about waking up next to a naked body. l tend to cuddle in my sleep, which means when I wake up most mornings in someone’s bed (or with someone in mine) with a warm body in my arms. Waking up has always seemed the perfect time to let my fingers go wandering or find lazy new positions because we’re both not ready to be up and moving. The sounds people make when cumming, yet still very groggy, are delicious. A part of me has always felt that people are more open to adventure when their defenses are still down in the early morning hours. Starting the day off sexing up a partner makes me feel so much more connected to them for the rest of the day 🙂

New and Shiny Sex. You know, that first time with someone new. It’s decadent. Every touch is electric. It’s the first time you get to see how they react to all you tricks and moves. Those new, heightened reactions have always been my favorite. “Oh, you’ve never met a woman without a gag reflex? Well lay back and let me show you a thing or two..” There is this beautiful mix of patience and urgency- wanting to soak it all in but wanting to experience everything at once.

Rough/ Non-consensual Sex. Ya know… getting FUCKED. Hard. Rough. Fast. Fucking. Up against a wall, pinned down on the bed… the floor. Force is my largest fetish in the kinky part of my life. Times like right now when I haven’t been fucked in a good month all I really want is a good LONG fucking. Meddling with that fine line between pleasure and pain. Passion and sexual energy so thick and abundant it fills the room. Hair pulled tight, face smooshed into the pillows…. mmmm….

Drunk Sex. It’s impulsive. It’s messy, sloppy sometimes too. I’ve never been one to actually get off when drunk, but there is nothing I love more that a good hazy tryst 😉

*Sigh* do you people realize how difficult writing a sex blog is when you’re not having sex?! I’m all sorts of turned on right now and guess who ISN’T getting fucked tonight??? The things I do in the name of yall’s naughty bits…

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