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And then we kissed…

June 17, 2010

After dinner we had gone back upstairs to my room…

Sitting on my unmade bed making small talk, we knew it was time for her to leave, but were both fighting it. As we talked, about nothing particularly important, I noticed her slowly repositioning herself until, eventually, she was lounging on her side, head in hand. She contrasted beautifully against the black and white of the zebra print…

I felt it before I saw it- her hand slowly trailing up my arm. It was her way of asking. Reaching out to run my fingers through her hair, I engaged the situation but did not respond to the intended request. I needed to know she wanted it too before I could feel comfortable initiating. We lay there for a while, touching and looking, before giving in to the moment. Lips met, tongues danced, it was indulgent. Decadent. I wanted to stay there in bed, kissing for hours but it was late and she needed to be going.

Standing by the door, I watched as she put her heels back on and gathered her things. I watched her as she walked through the threshold of my studio where we lingered in the hall. I felt her as we kissed one last time before watching her smile as she walks down the hall…

The woman who had thought to bring me a hubcap.

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