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How to Bind a Bird:

June 14, 2010

Bondage. Restraint. Tied up. Pinned down. Incapacitated.

For a girl who is in love with the element of Force (“no, I don’t want to… you can’t make me” hehe) bondage is this mysterious game still. I have a hard time explaining what it is about bondage I like in the moment or while negotiating a scene. Upon careful review, here are some of my thoughts in regards to all things restrictive:

– I don’t need to be comfortable. For me bondage is somewhat related to the notion of pain over time. It’s an endurance game. Where is the challenge in comfort? Strange positions, rough ropes, up against hard surfaces, I like it all.

– I like compression, so tie those knots and buckle those straps like you MEAN IT! While mental bondage can be fun at times, not all the time. I like to really not be able to move. I’m comfortable with only being able to wiggle my fingers and toes. Tight bondage makes me coo like a happy little bird.

– Make it fast. I like quick bondage set ups. I don’t like spending a few hours on a tie or rigging and then not having enough time to really play with the set up. I am a damsel in distress. I don’t like having to sit still and allowing someone to tie me up. I prefer the exertion of force and a quick restraint. Even if you plan on something more elaborate, I prefer to be restrained while you work on it (even if that means taking off the temporary restraints for the finished product). It add to that whole element of force.

– I’m an amateur escape artist. I won’t untie myself unless you give me permission, but I do love the challenge. I’ll also know the entire time that I’m restrained that I could get out if I really wanted, which honestly kills some of the excitement. It’s a very mental stimulation for me. Inspire my mind, and let my antics inspire your best work yet. I am not to be trusted near knots. This also applies to loose ends, buckles and scissors. Anything I can get to is fair game in terms of escape tactics. If you want me immobilized, you are going to have to do that yourself. In this regard, I don’t believe cheating exists 😛

Perhaps the most important thing I can say in terms of how I relate to restraint:

– Bondage and suspension are appetizers, not the main course. Torture me, fuck me, do something! If not, it feels like getting all dressed up pretty just to stay in by myself. I like being restrained so that my partner may have their way with me, to do as they please… if you please to just look at me, like I’m your pretty little dress up doll who sits on the floor in distress.. well hell, even that is SOMETHING. Please don’t just tie me to be pretty and then let me be for the evening or release me to be a social butterfly (unless maybe you tell me that you will ignore me for the evening or something along those lines as a part of humiliation play hehe). Either way, I am not satisfied with just bondage scenes (I’ve had many of such that leave me desperately wanton). I want your ropes/tape/straps be the catalyst for some thing GREAT!

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  1. alucard9 permalink
    June 15, 2010 11:11 am

    Glad I saw your post on Fet pointing out this blog. I enjoyed this post. I’m impressed that you are able to feel (sufficiently :)) safe and comfortable to pursue these activities. I don’t know if this is true for you, but I can be rather insular at times and it is much easier for me to feel safe with someone I know well–even apart from bondage scenes. I do work on opening up and pushing boundaries bit by bit though…which you mention as part of the “why” of this blog. Thank you for sharing this..

    • voyeurondisplay permalink*
      June 15, 2010 8:49 pm

      Absolutely 🙂 And I definitely understand. I’m a complete introvert and it takes time to break down my barriers. Looking forward to seeing you at the next coffee group!

      • alucard9 permalink
        June 17, 2010 11:38 am

        Likewise! Thank you Evey.


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