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Take THAT!

June 3, 2010

So, a few months ago I’d gone into Fascinations just to buy some new thigh highs for a party. At the checkout I informed the manager who was checking me out that I was a member of the kink community and should be getting a discount. The amazing Essin’em had just implemented a 10% discount in store to members of the Denver fetish community. Seeing as I was literally a “card carrying member” of ALL THREE clubs that received the discount, I didn’t think there would be an issue. I was wrong. The manager at the time told me that there was no such discount and when I told him my good friend did their online marketing and was their resident sexuality educator, he told me I couldn’t have a discount just because my friend said so. He clearly wasn’t budging, so I asked that if I could come back with my recipt and some sort of proof if I could get refunded (it was the principle damn it!). His response, “Sure, if you really want your $2 back.” RUDE. I was pissed. I promptly called Essin’em after walking out of the store. I could understand if he hadn’t known about the discount yet, but the way he talked to me was like I was some young kid trying to pull one over his eyes. Just didn’t sit well with me.

So this last weekend, I made my first trip to that particular Fascinations since the incident (can never have enough thigh highs! hehe) and when the clerk checking me out asked me if I was a Romance Rewards member I said yes and also mentioned that I should receive the “kink” discount. She looked up my account and said I wasn’t flagged for the discount so I told her the short version of what had happened. Her reaction was priceless- “Oh you’re HER, ya.. he got fired” That made me smile. I felt so validated.

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