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Happy 100th Post!!!

June 1, 2010

In celebration of this being the 100th post on my blog, I am putting myself even further into the spotlight with a look into my deep dark secrets. I present to you- 100 things you didn’t know about Evey but, now that you do, it’s time for a cold shower!

1.My first kiss wasn’t until the summer before junior year of high school.

2.My first sexual experience was with a good friend. We got bored and decided to play finger-fucks and blowjobs. For 2 months.

3.I lost my virginity to a man who wound up being one of the greatest loves of my life.

4.I was 17 and didn’t regret a single detail about it.

5.He and I were together for 3 years after that.

6.I went through a slut phase in college and had tons and tons of sex.. no you don’t get a number.

7.I do, however, have an actual list of all the people I’ve slept with

8.I don’t identify as straight. I prefer not to label myself, but I’m attracted to people regardless of gender, identity or kinks.

9.I don’t have a gag reflex- and I’ve never met a cock I can’t swallow.

10.Speaking of- I swallow. I’m of the opinion that to spit just makes a mess that I’ll have to clean up later. Yes, that’s right. I swallow in the name of efficiency.

11.I have very large areolas.

12.I can’t get off easily without nipple stimulation.

13.I’ve had sex with two married men.

14.I’ve had sex with up to 5 people at one time.

15.None of the men I’ve been in a long term committed romantic relationship with have been less than 10 years my senior.

16.My present relationship is the 2nd longest I’ve been in.

17.For the last year and a half I have identified as polyamorous.

18.I really like having sex in unique situations

19.I’ve had sex in hot tub during a snow storm

20.I’ve had sex in a pool full of people

21.I’ve had sex in a hot tub full of people

22.I’ve had sex in a car parked in a dark alley

23.I’ve had sex in a car parked in a well lit parking lot

24.I’ve had sex on bathroom counters

25.I’ve had sex in hallway floors

26.I’ve had sex against sliding glass doors

27.I’ve had sex on kitchen counters

28.I’ve had sex on couches and over couches.

29.I’ve had sex in bathtubs

30.I’ve had sex in showers

31.I’ve had sex in skeezy hotels

32.I’ve had sex in a resturant changing room on shift during the dinner rush

33.I’ve had sex one wall away from Mormon parents on a Sunday morning (while getting ready for church)

34.I’ve had sex on the sidewalk on Colfax. (ya.. that’s right)

35.I’ve had sex on a waterbed.

36.I’ve had sex on a nautilus bed (WEIRD!)

37.I’ve had sex mid piercing scene

38.I’ve had sex mid cupping scene

39.I’ve had sex in bondage

40.I’ve had sex while drunk.

41.I’ve had sex while high

42.My favorite sex is morning sex. Nothing says “wake up and enjoy the beautiful day!” quite like an orgasm.

43.One time, I was getting fucked by a guy who had a fetish for large dildos. At one point he stopped, put one in me, told me not to move and left my apartment. I never heard from him, but got a free toy out of the deal.

44.I’ve been in the middle of a queer Eiffel Tower.

45.I’ve only had G-spot orgasms with 4 men.

46.I’ve squirted ONCE… and can’t wait until I do again.

47.It’s often joked that I’m a size queen. But it’s not a joke. All the men I’ve ever been with have been larger than average.

48.I love to give road head.

49.I love to give head.

50.I’m into rough sex.

51.I’m into nipple torture.

52.I’m into pussy torture.

53.I’m into cock worship (of all varieties of cock… the real and the strapped-on)

54.I’m into forced oral.

55.I’m into consensual-nonconsent.

56.I’m into sex in public.

57.I’m into biting.

58.I’m into fucking machines.

59.I’ve been on a machine at least 5 times- each an amazing experience.

60.When I was 21 I was anally raped during consensual sex.

61.I once screwed a guy just because I found out he had a PA. It wasn’t all that.

62.For two years I had a Sugar Daddy who lived in Las Vegas

63.My favorite type of pornography is men jacking off.

64.I sometimes wish I weren’t so shy and inexperienced with women. I feel it’s a part of my sexuality that is presently lacking.

65.I might only be 5’1”, but I’m a big spoon.

66.I need intense tactile stimulation after sex (please see my post on the differences between fucking and sex). This often results in lots of cuddling.

67.If you let me, I will glomp you in your sleep (essentially koala bear hug you)

68.I’m a furnace. I get warm easily and can heat an entire bed by myself.

69.I masturbate at least 3 times a day.

70.The longest I’ve gone without sex in the last 3 years is the three months I was in a long distance relationship, but we cammed every day.

71.I’ve broken up with two relationships because we didn’t have sex enough for my libido.

72.I don’t need lube. I’m one of the wettest people you’ll ever meet.

73.I have a thing for the idea of the Lolitaesque girl being fucked by an older man.

74.I can really only have gspot orgasms while I am on top

75.Only two people have ever helped me break that rule.

76.After cumming, my favorite thing in the entire world is to be turned over and fucked.

77.I’ve been fluid bound to three people so far in my life.

78.Nothing makes me feel like a good partner like getting someone off (whatever that means to them)

79.I hate receiving oral sex- it’s a huge turn-off

80.I love giving oral sex- it’s a huge turn-on

81.I have a thing about being cummed on. It freaks me out, I’d much rather swallow.

82.I’ve been on the pill

83.I’ve been on the ring

84.I’ve used the pull out method

85.I’ve used condoms

86.Best birth control method is still a boyfriend with a vasectomy.

87.It is a goal of mine to be a sex-worker.

88.It is a goal of mine to be a professional sex blogger.

89.I view oral sex as sex.

90.I view fingering and handjobs as sex.

91.I view certain types of BDSM play as sex.

92.I prefer my sex impromptu.

93.I prefer my sex to be prefaced with tons of hot teasing, making out, and delicious forplay.

94.I prefer my sex to be followed by lots of cuddles.

95.I’ve had one night stands.

96.I’ve had casual booty calls.

97.I’ve had live-in friends with benefits.

98.I’ve had vanilla long-term relationships

99.I’ve had kinky casual play partners

100.But the most rewarding relationship to date has been with my Sir 🙂

Thanks for following along… just wait for the 200th, it’ll be even sexier!

❤ Evey

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