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A Perv’s Perspective: In the Shower

May 8, 2010

Preface: Last night was the second to last I will ever spend in the Enclave. I walked up to the upper dungeon and decided to indulge in the first fetish that brought me into the club to begin with- my voyeurism. I had a friend help me into the hanging cage and comfortably sat at the bottom while the energy and sounds of 5 scenes surrounded my senses. I was in voyeur heaven, after a good hour I was all subdued and floaty in my nice voyeur headspace (even got a few good shakes in the whole experience). I’ve noticed that sometimes I get so easily caught up in all the wonderful feelings I’ve discovered since my first really beginning to explore BDSM that I’ve forgotten my roots. So with that I’m starting a weekly feature…

A Perv’s Perspective


I love the way you look when you’re wet. The way you can run your fingers through you hair, pushing it back out of your face, and it stays slicked back. I imagine there isn’t a more attractive look, just thinking about it has me all tingly.

The way the water creates tracks down the back of your neck and accentuates the outline of your perfectly proportioned back and ass. How water runs through your chest hair or off the tips of you nipples completely missing the underside of your breasts.

The movement of the water’s continual flow against your skin. The way the water beads up. The differences between the perfectly smooth surface of water and the beautifully punctured surface of you skin. The way the water accentuates every pore and baby hair.

The shape you lips take while trying to avoid the water streaming down your face.

I Love watching you in an aspect of your life that not everyone else gets to watch. Being vulnerable and stripped down, nothing to hide behind. No clothes, no make up, no hair product, just you in your utter beauty.

I love the way it feels when I reach out and touch you, press against you, rest my head on you and I can feel the slight distance between created by the water.

The nudity doesn’t hurt… nudity never hurts 🙂

I like the disparity between the relaxing sound of water, the steam, the heat and the force with which you pull my leg up onto you shoulder and push my back against the cool smooth tile wall. The way the sound of the water hitting our backs changes with each thrust.

I like feeling to unsteady on the wet tile, against the wall and finding comfort in you strong grip, knowing I’m not going anywhere unless YOU want me to.

Fuck… talk about needing a cold shower!

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