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A 38th Birthday Present

January 19, 2010

Preface: I’ve decided to begin writing about some of my favorite past sexual experiences… No names or distinguishing characteristic will be used… Be warned- some may involve substance abuse… I am a firm believer that I am a sum of my past experiences and there is nothing to be ashamed of or to hide behind… I’ve had a good amount of sex for someone my age, I identify as a slut and find no shame in the fact that at times in my life I’ve chosen to share my sexuality as an exploration of self… Enjoy!

We were driving though the desert in his Jeep.  It was just before dusk on one of those sticky summer evenings.  I’d just flown in for the weekend and he decided to take a detour on our way back to the house.  Tomorrow was his birthday and I’d agreed to finally fulfill a fantasy of his that he’d been waiting for since we first met.  After 20 minutes, we had finally stopped in a secluded area void of any other people out 4-wheeling and far enough away that we could see anyone who might be coming our way. I sat there staring out over the Vegas skyline. I felt hesitant, it had been a good year since we’d seen each other and I didn’t know where things were going to pick back up after all that had happened that year.  We move into the back seat and he doesn’t hesitate to get what he wants. He pulls out his dick and asks for one of my renowned blow-jobs.

He’s the kind of guy who lusts. We had met a few years prior and I made sure to visit him every time I was in Vegas. During the time we were apart I would get dirty texts, pictures, you name it. I was the youngest woman he had been with in a very long time and I’ve always speculated that part of his attachment to me was that feeling of still being a desirable man. Marriage, age and the weight changes that come along with bothered him, I was a reminder that he was still the hot, sex fiend he had been 10 years ago.

After a while he had me stop and took his dick out of my mouth. I rode him in the back seat of the jeep until I had came a couple times and was ready to be fucked. He threw me up over the roll bar and stood up on the seat. At 6’2″ he was the perfect height. I got fucked over the roll bar of a jeep at dusk in the middle of the desert. He pounded away at me, and it didn’t matter how loud I cried out because  we didn’t have to worry about anyone around to hear. When we were done we got ourselves back together and headed back to his house. When people wondered why we look so torn up, we reminded them calmly, “the jeep doesn’t have it’s top on.. it was too nice of a summer day not to drive top down on the freeway!”

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