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The Fuck-zall

January 17, 2010

“So are you ready?”

I was drinking in the kitchen when He had come looking for me. The party was still going strong and I was fairly buzzed by this point.

“Ready for…?”

“Well, I thought you wanted to be the first to try my fuck-zall?” he asked with a confused look on his face.

I had. The first time He had taken me to look at it, was 3 months earlier.  I had been so excited when He took me with him a few weeks later and bought it, and as it sat in the closet there after, I looked at it with such longing. I suppose a part of me thought when He had asked me to bring it out of the closet and up to a room during the party that it hadn’t been intended for me that night. We hadn’t discussed even playing that night, let alone with that particular toy. It had been maybe 20 minutes since I’d brought it to him like he asked. That same part of me also figured it had been already used with someone else… my toy. It’s illogical to build such attachments to inanimate objects, but this is something I find I’m often guilty of…

“Would I still be the first person to use it?”, I asked him with a bit of doubt behind my words.

“Of course. I knew you wanted to be, why would I use it with someone else??”

Trust is such a beautiful thing. Just when you start to doubt yourself, those whom are truly worth of it prove their worth (…but that’s for another post).

He grabs me sternly by the hair and begins to walk calmly toward the room down the hall. We walk through the living room and the crowd of people seated still talking, playing and enjoying the party. I’m silent. On my face I try to show no sign of what is about to happen or how I feel about it. I don’t want to draw attention, nor do I want people to say anything about it.. what we were about to do is intimate on many levels for me. 1- it’s with Him. 2- it’s an exploration of one of my deepest rooted fantasies, one that I haven’t really allowed myself to indulge. 3- it’s new, I don’t enjoy experiencing new deeply intimate things with an audience. 4- I don’t let many people have a full view of things down there.. this was a first for me an Mr. Rawr and that makes it all the more intimate. When we get to the room, he closes the door and has me take off my corset and panties and get comfortable on the bed.

“La, la, la, la la….”

He has switched into his giddy, playful mode. He opens the cold bottle of lube and begins to drip little icy drops on to my clit, smiling deviously the entire time of course. He grabs the saw and positions it just so, nice and deep inside of me. Slowly it begins to move in and out, He plays with patterns and depth while I slowly start to slip into that deep head space that usually only comes about when He is inside of me. My hips begin to grind into the movements and I lift up as it hits all the right spots.  I look up to find one of the most erotic views, and one I have to admit, I would never have thought I would find appealing. Mr. Rawr is between my legs, holding an orange reciprocating saw fucking my brains out with a smile on his face. He eventually gets me going full speed and I about lose it. My hands are grasping to hold on to whatever I can reach as I try my best to keep the noise down (although despite my best attempts, I failed miserably). He keeps me going until I’ve had as much as I could take before he starts slowing down.

In a matter of seconds after removing the saw, he is crawling back on to the bed and lying next to me. He holds me close and I come back down again laying in his arms.

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