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Forbidden Fruit

December 26, 2009

I walked out from the bathroom, I had been putting the finishing touches on my make up for the evening. My eyes were coated in heavy black makeup, with flecks of red glitter highlighting the base of my lash line and working their way out to an explosion just before my temples. My hair curled, but still down- just how He likes it. I strut down the hallway toward His room in my black underbust corset, fishnet top, and my red plaid mini skirt. I hadn’t intended doing the school girl look this evening, but when my original outfit was vetoed this seemed an appropriate alternative. Plus, I had my favorite little girl accessory with me tonight- my retainer.

In our community, there are certain kinks that are still considered “taboo” and aren’t always received well. One of those is Age play. Not the version that involves the innocent little girl playing in the corner with her coloring book basking in her “little-space”. Rather, the sexualized kind. The little girl playing the part of the tease, the Lolita and the disparity of the younger teen and the older lover. The type we secretly love to see in movies like Lolita, The Graduate and American Beauty. I have known for a while now who I am as a Little. Little Evey is playful and feisty and even a bit of a brat (the tolerable kind) as most who have met her have noticed. But there’s a part of her who I haven’t been so open about until now. She’s also a flirt and a tease. My interest in age play ventures into the sexual side. Honestly, I’m still not so sure how far but I know that it does. I’ve always had a bit of a sexualized view of my retainer, but former lovers have either refused to indulge or have been outright repulsed. When I actually wore it at age 17, my boyfriend at the time made me take it out because of our 10 year age difference he already felt the pervert. He didn’t want something reminding him how much younger I was. When I first found my retainer again a year or two ago, my boyfriend at the time (who was now 13 years older) I had hinted at my interest in playing with my retainer and he told me that was a limit of his. So now, it’s not only something taboo for me because of society as a whole, but everyone I’ve been intimate with has veered away it. But tonight was different.

When I get to the room, He is sitting in the chair utilizing His time before leaving checking various things on His computer. I kneel down and begin to rummage through my bags searching for my dark red lipstick. As I search, my skirt lifts up just enough to reveal the crotch of my white bikini panties. When I find what I’m looking for I spin back around to find Him looking at me. “God you look so molestable tonight,” He comments while looking my outfit over. I’ve had my retainer in for a good 30 minutes already and have shifted into that giggly little girl space. Tonight I’m not His feisty, sexy girl, or the insatiable pain slut.. I am the 15-year-old Lolita-esque version of Evey. His comments make the butterflies in my tummy flutter and my head shifts down a bit while a giggle escapes my mouth, I love it when He compliments my outfits. I never dress for myself, my pleasure in my fetish for fashion comes from Others finding enjoyment in my selections. Tonight, even though we were going to separate parties, I had dressed for Him; to give Him something to think about while I was away for the night.

I continue getting ready. Black thigh highs, garter belt, knee-high leather boots (not the typical fetish kind.. but they fit the theme) and I’m finished. When I get the call from my ride to the party that they are waiting outside, I gather my things upstairs but before I leave, I return to His room to say goodbye. He is packing his toyboxes for the night but pauses when I come back into the room. “I has to go…” I say with a slight pout on my face. He beckons me over to Him and we say our goodbyes, but before He lets me go He pulls my face close to His and we linger in that moment. Normally, this would make me feel like the cherished lover. Instead, because of my head space, I begin to feel like the seduced little girl.. the one who has quietly hinted all evening long at what she wants but has waited for Him, being the older more knowledgable in such sexual situations, to take it from me. He breaks the tensions and silence and pulls me in and kisses me, it is soft and tender and leaves me wanting more. So I take another kiss from Him. In the moment after I look up at him and smile. This makes Him smile. Until He reads this post, I’m not sure He will have known why I smiled in that moment. It wasn’t just because of the kiss.. even though His kisses alone usually make me smile like that. It was the retainer. It was the head space I was in and how that affected my perception of his actions. It was because while I was wearing my retainer, one of my biggest physical triggers, he kissed me and held me and touched me as one would a lover. I felt in that moment that I was like forbidden fruit and he had just taken a big juicy bite.

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