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Happy Holidays

December 25, 2009

     The holiday season is one of my favorites, not because of the trees, ornaments, or christmas cheer, but because of the emphasis on Family. This year is the 3rd in a row that I’m not spending with my parents or little sister. They are my actual family but the people who affect my life on a daily basis are the ones I’ve grown to prefer to spend my holidays with. I’m sitting in the living room with my best friend and her husband while our Christmas dinner finishes cooking and I’ve gotten to thinking:  I have the most amazing family here in Denver.

     In the last year, everyone in the Kink Community has been so welcoming and I’ve brought people into my life who I’m not so sure I know how to live without. Beyond my core family unit, there are a few special people who I’ve become entangled with that I don’t know this Holiday season would feel the same without. I can’t imagine not having people like Vie or Gordon in my life.. they are the big brothers I never had growing up. This little girl couldn’t be any luckier. But perhaps the biggest part of my life right now are two people who have only come about in the last few months. In Her I have found an amazing friend, one who cares about me more than I sometimes feel I deserve. And He has become and amazing partner, I will just leave it at that. I care for the two of them immensely, and while I am grateful to be where I am tonight, I would be the happiest little girl tonight if I were spending the holidays at Home with them. I can be patient and wait. I can have faith that if things are really as good as they feel right now, that’s exactly where I’ll be next Christmas.

     Tonight, is vanilla christmas with my best friend and her new hubby, but tomorrow I get to go back home (they live down in Colorado Springs) and spend the night at the Enclave’s big holiday party with the rest of my family. I’m a lucky little girl and wish everyone the same. 

❤ Evey

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