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HNT: Randy Spears

December 3, 2009

True Story: I have had a porn star between my legs!!

Last Septemeber at the Denver Sex Show I met Randy Spears. Possibly my favorite male porn star ever (Evan Stone comes in a close second based on pure entertainment value). He fucks with so much power and aggression.. it’s just a joy to watch (and cum to). He’s fucked a handfull of my favorite female stars as well (most noteably Cytheria!).. he’s just… ya…

 It was great. I was standing outside the dungeon helping with the whole informational thing between demos and I saw him walked by. My jaw hit the floor. Before he could get too far, I ran to one of the other girls working as a Demo Doll for the day and asked her if I was seeing things. She confirmed, Yes, that was Randy Spears and added that she’s met him earlier that day and would drag me to say hello if I felt so inclined. 

Like the giddy little girl that I am at times, I follow her as she catches his attention…

“Randy, this is one of your biggest fans- Evey. Could she take a picture with you?”

He looked me over, much like I’d been getting all day from the men at the convention (I was in my corset, a pair of panties and my thigh high lace up boots.. no skirt.. I felt like a super hero! hehe) and pulled me in close.  I figured, a girl only gets this opportunity once so I hoisted my leg up around his hip. To my delight he grabbed my other leg and pulled me up onto him. This little girls wet dream! We talked for a few minutes, but to be honest I don’t even remember what was said… I just know I left a wet spot on his crotch!

Don’t believe me? Here’s PROOF:


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  1. Snake permalink
    December 3, 2009 8:29 am

    ALways good when one is able to meet their celebrity crush. And you look as devilish as always.

  2. December 4, 2009 12:19 am

    haaaaawt 🙂

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