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I want to get Fucked Up!

September 29, 2009

Vie and I were talking a few days ago and I had an epiphany: I don't know anyone who is passionate about my kinks. I know people who will indulge me, but I don't know anyone who really truly loves what I do. That's sad. Vie always tells me how much he loves whipping someone who REALLY LOVES to be single-tailed. I get that. There's a certain passion and energy that just can't be replicated otherwise. So what are my passions? I suppose I've never gone into it, although anyone who knows me knows what really gets me going…

I love force.

…Take-downs, assault, abduction, rape, brute force, punching, kicking, being held down, boots, elbows, knees, aggression, consensual non-consent…

Now don't get me wrong, every once and a while Vie indulges my yearning for force. In the last few months we did a great take-down/punching scene as well as an aggressive caneing/police search and seizure scene that wasn't really planned but turned out great. Unfortunately, force and aggression aren't Vie's kinky turn on's. He enjoys them, just like I can enjoy a singletail or a flogger or blades or needles, but not to the extent that he has the desire to out of now where take me down and fuck me up (which.. I must say is like on my top fantasies list.. mm.. non-con.) And none of my other play partners really go there with me. They either don't have the real raw aggression I'm looking for, or they just aren't the type to take it (which is what I want.. I don't want to have to tell someone how to roughhouse.. if I saw I want "rawr aggression" I want someone who knows what that means) so it leaves me in a bit of a predicament. How to get that primal forcefulness in a play partner, who wants to play regularly (because let's face it.. I know there aren't tons of girls out there who WANT that level or type of play, at least not that I've seen in the scene.. fucking fluffy woo woo shit) and what not.

Seriously, if anyone knows anyone who has experience and a background in force/take-downs/aggressive play please let me know or have them get in contact with me.. Because, honestly, coming out to people with this particular kink tends to throw off people in the scene, even those who talk about liking "hard play" or a "hardcore bottom".

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  1. Someone YouKnow permalink
    November 7, 2009 8:59 am

    It has always been a fantasy of mine to do a forceful takedown/rape/abduction. But from what I’ve been told you are off limits and don’t want others touching you. I also realize this is an older blog so perhaps that is not your desire. After all you said changes were coming.


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