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Sex Show 2009

September 27, 2009

Oh. My. God. I think I ran a marathon this weekend. Correction, I DID run a marathon this weekend.

A few weeks ago my good friend Hawke had asked me to help him out and do some Demo’s in the Dungeon at the Denver Sex Show 2009, and being my favorite fire/cupping top, I agreed enthusiastically. Soon after my friend Cross asked if I’d help him and his girl Rain with their demos. So it was decided to the Sex Show I would go! After all the scenes I ended up jumping into and the extra people I helped out, my total for the weekend was 8 scenes. LOL. Three on Friday, and five on Saturday. Needless to say, I was exhausted. I don’t think I’ve bottomed for that many things in such a short time span ever. Granted they were demos, not big deep scenes.. but still. Tiring.

On Saturday after the Convention was over, I headed over to Gateway at the Sanctuary. My mentor, Gordon, decided to come out to his first public party in a LONG time and I was so stoked to see him!!! Was a great end to the night, I got to see Gordon earlier than expected (and it was the first time he saw me in full Evey mode), I met a few new people, I saw some old friend I’d been missing and I even got a little floaty! What more could a girl want… breath play, hair pulling, getting stomped on, oh my! Oh, and on a side note, my short impromptu casual playing gave me the biggest scenegasams that I’ve had in a long time. I think I got off like 5 times. Holy shit was it hot.

And good lord was the sex before I went to bed hot! I’ve had some guests at my house this weekend, so i decided to play a game: “be verwy verwy quiet!” hehe. Not too hard, Evan lived with his Mormon parents, so I’m used to having quiet orgasms if needed. But when your partner starts pulling on your nipples that are very very sore, fully knowing that you can’t scream out in pain or ecstasy. Now THAT is fucking mean. In the end, I got flipped over, he knew my scalp was already sore from the very hard hair pulling so he grabbed my hair, shoved me down into the mattress and slowly but forcefully (trying to not make the bed squeak haha) pounded me til I couldn’t take anymore and well I’ll just leave it at that.

So, overall it was a good weekend! I like that I’m getting out and going to different places. The change of pace has been nice, but more importantly I love meeting new people. Tonight is a tentative date with this vanilla guy I’ve been seeing, we’ll see how that one goes. But I won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t, I’ve already had a great weekend and hell.. I got to play a little with someone who played hard and made me remember, when it’s not stingy- I’m a total pain slut.

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