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What I Think About In My Spare Time…

September 22, 2009

I often fantasize about scenes that I'd love to do. I was telling my friend Heather about them the other week and she told me that I need to start sharing and documenting them.. so I suppose after this post I'll start a Dream Scene/To-Do List page on here and keep it updated 🙂

I don't know that many people know this, but I have this fetish about construction materials. Wood, nail guns, hammers, tool belts, and yes DUCT TAPE. I want to be nailed down to a wall (flesh wounds optional). Me on a piece of plywood and having strips of thin wood nailed down across my extremities to the sheet so that I'm essentially bound to the sheet, then having it hung up on a wall somewhere.. duct tape across my mouth. I don't really care what's done after that.. caning, punching, forced orgasms. I just want to be bound with wood (giggity).

I'm a little, this is a fact. Vie does a killer cookie monster impersonation, another fact. I don't quite know where I want to go with this.. but the thought ran through my head and I think it's awesome. If I ever come up with specifics on this one I will let you know.

People have tried calling me a "hardcore masochist". This is  NOT a label that I identify with, in my opinion, I'm not hardcore. I am a masochist yes, but I see people doing crazier shit than me all the time. So, just to give myself a benchmark (because I believe that I have the potential to be hardcore SOMEDAY), I have thought up my ultimate scene to know that I've "made it" as a masochist. I want a flesh wound. I want to be shot non-fatally with a gun. I'm not "there" yet, but I want to be eventually. I suppose it goes along with my take-down/abduction/force fantasies. Vie and I first came up with this genius plan a few months ago.. since then in further conversations about it, it was mentioned that it would be the perfect symbolic scene to "earn" my black bandana and I absolutely love the notion!! (He also mentioned if he ended  up being the one behind the trigger he'd use his black hanky to apply pressure and never wash it ever. Again, EPIC. LOL)

I want to be fucked in public. Full on forced exhibitionism and hard fucking. I almost fulfilled this one the other day, but the vibe apparently just wasn't right for the scene to head that direction. So alas, it stays on the list.

I want to be raped. Full on assulted in my house, conscensual non-consent, rough, hard, amazingness. I don't want to know when or how it's going to happen. I don't want to know the details. I want to be taken down and completely surprised. This one may or may not include degredation, humiliation, and the general sense of being used. This is one of those ones that I'm not accepting applications for however haha, selection will be VERY perticular.

Okay, those are all I can think of for now.. I hope you have enjoyed this short journey into the perverse world that is my imagination.. TA TA!

❤ Evey

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  1. Janne permalink
    June 7, 2010 3:40 pm

    I love the rape idea. Might just try it myself.

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