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Voyeurism 201: The Power of NOT Watching

August 10, 2009

So, I think I reached a new level of perv with my voyeuristic drive. I’ve always been a fan of watching things that are generally considered private. I like to watch when it’s not necessarily acknowledged that I’m there watching. It’s fucking hot. It gets me off.  BIG TIME. But it’s always been something that I’ve explored through porn or perving web cams and the like. Even just watching people scene from the corner of a dark dungeon was a big deal for me, I can still remember the first scene I watched with a super intense energy exchange where those involved had no clue I was there. There was no sense of performing for an audience. It was fucking awesome.

So, tonight I was told that something that is one of my favorite things to watch was going to be happening one room over, and to stay put. (For all those who are going to speculate.. there are a great many non-sexual things that I get really excited about watching so no don’t go make assumptions. My voyeurism includes the mundane, and I actually probably won’t get to the point any time soon where I’m comfortable explaining because the fact that I get off to very NON sexual stuff is not something I want everyone to be aware of. It takes the fun out of my fun!)

~Insert grumble here~

I have never had to fight the urge to go watch anyways so freaking hard. I was seriously at the point where I wanted to start edging closer to that side of the room just to see how much I could get away with. I resisted temptation, all the while creating a huge puddle on the couch. Best part is, it totally got me thinking. I’ve always known that my voyeurism is a very large part of the kink experience for me, but I hadn’t quite figured out how to incorporate it into play or scenes. After all, I like what is essentially non-consensual voyeurism. How can you plan to watch someone and have it believable ya know? Now that my mind is still racing I’ve totally come up with the hottest solution. Incorporating D/s into it. Being told- I’m going to be doing X and you can’t watch. It’s that internal struggle of obeying directions and becoming an insufferably wet puddle or giving in and watching with satisfaction, and perhaps inevitable punishment. God I’m all hot and bothered again just thinking about it as I type.

So ya, I’d never known that said situation would have gotten me as hot as it did. And I’m even more shocked that it came as a surprise to me. Oh lordy, just what I need… yet another method to exercise my perversions.

(On a side note, I put this as 201 because I have this really long epic post that attempts to explain my voyeurism like half written.. It’s coming eventually. This was just too fucking hot to NOT write about as soon as possible.)

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  1. spiderco permalink
    August 10, 2009 9:04 pm

    I saw your profile on….you like to watch..
    I decided to watch…..your profile…….then took a little trip here to see your blog….
    You are interesting.


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