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July 28, 2009

I have decided to make a post to update people on an issue I really have no desire to speak about and answer questions on. Some things have dramatically changed in my life over the last 48 hours. I’m going to address them now and if anyone asks they will be directed to this post. Besides a select few (mentors and the knot primarily), I will not speak further on the matter and neither will those involved. It is my issue to deal with. I am fully aware that judgment is going to follow, but I hope that people have the respect to understand that they don’t know the entirety of the situation, no matter how well they think they know us or how much we have talked with them. There are things that can’t be verbalized, that are merely feelings and ones that are too strong to ignore. Okay, enough stalling. Here’s the thing- I have decided to continue with original plans and move in with Vie. Here is all I’m willing to say on the matter:

– This was MY decision. He did not persuade, guilt or convince me in any other manner to make the choice I made.

– Anyone who gives him shit, I swear they will suffer the same wrath that I was throwing around when I first came into his life as his tireless defender.

– Anyone who gives me shit, you can best bet he’s going to have something to say about it.

– I am happy with my choice, he is happy with my choice and my reasoning behind my choice. I was told that if I chose him for any reason that wasn’t in MY best interest that he would not let me. I wasn’t allowed to claim guilt, obligation, submission.. nada. I was told I needed to flex my own wings, he refused to get in the way of my personal growth.

– Anyone willing to accept this and be positive forces in our lives, and not nag or judge, are more than welcome to come attend our amazingly awesome housewarming party in a few weeks.. details to come soon!

So, that is all. I ask that people keep their opinions to themselves because the two of us care very much about eachother and that’s what matters. Our decision has been made, it can’t be taken back, and we’re not going to let negativity and poison even think about destroying what we have built. K Thanks.. Bai.

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