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Now that the storm is gone..

July 20, 2009

so YAY for Thunder this last weekend! Lot of stuffs happened, some good and some bad, but overall I think I really had a great experience. I think the bad will end up forcing more communication that needs to take place and the good well ya. It was all pretty epic. So here’s a quick run down of scenes, thoughts, and happenings…


Friday night- AshleyBird and I did this super fun and hot take down/wrestling/punching scene on the kiddie play mat. It was great. She hits hard. I got dragged all over the ground, flipped around, beat on my ass, inner thighs,Β  thighs, shoulders… fucking fun time!

Saturday night…

– Lynx threw me up on the Fucking Machine for it’s maiden voyage. Zee helped out and manned the controls and controlled the whole “forced exhibitionism” vibe I like. It was hot. Just need to work on the whole really lubed up/smooth thing.. not a big fan of that. I like it rough and the dildo to actually feel like a dick πŸ™‚ But it was good. I got fucked this weekend. I left a puddle, literally, on the floor and was even asked to play again with a pretty girl. I approve. Oh ya.. and do I even have to mention that the public fucking part was great? LOL. (Yes, fucking with a capital F per my last post)

– Me and Cross had been planning this scene for a while.. kinda fell through but we improvised. He did a needle pull using my own breasts as my counterweight. He made me a bra out of needles and string.. at first it fucking hurt! But by the end I was actually really comfortable as long as I wasn’t jumping while running around the dungeon showing it off (or having people like Vie slap down on my tits just to watch the strings pull from the tension). I think we reazlied while taking off the strings we lifted my breasts a full inch from their normal position. We totally devised an even more awesome way of doing it that inflicts more pain.. involves more needles and will look fucking awesome!

Sunday night- Hawk finally lit me on fire. And I have to say, this was my favorite scene of the weekend! I didn’t honestly expect him to have such great energy. He tailored his play to the level I like, he didn’t necessarily push my limits but we had so much freaking fun! Been a LONG time since I did something different that felt slightly innovative (even though it wasn’t I’m sure haha) and found myself surprised by the direction a scene took. He started off with cups just to make the fire more intense when we did straight fire play later. He was nice and didn’t really use much oil, and then started moving them down to parts of my body he hadn’t oiled up. Then we had the brilliant idea to put them all along my sides and have me stand up and flip (not something many people can do from my experience.. whenever I see people get cupped they’re pretty incapacitated. Then again, I like walking around with 20 pumped vac cups on my back lol) and then we moved the onto my stomach, breasts (took my first cups on my nipples! granted the suction wasn’t too strong because they were fire cups) and the tops of my thighs. I have pretty spots and I don’t think I’ve gotten that freaking high while scening in a LONG time. So Hawk, THANK YOU!! πŸ™‚ I am a very satisfied Evey after last night. hehe.

Some overall happenings:

– Flirted on and off with a hot guy all weekend who lives here in Denver, he talked with me a good while Sunday and asked for my number. (Which is a first in it’s own right.. never had a guy ask for my number.. like EVER. Well at least not BEFORE I fucked them haha)

– Connected with a girl who I’ve known of for months but we had barriers stopping us from becoming friends. πŸ™‚

I’m sure there’s stuff I’m missing. And I’ve definitely got some good posts out of some of the themes I encountered.. But for now, I have work to do because I’ve been gone for three days! Ta Ta..

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  1. Ashleybird permalink
    July 21, 2009 12:50 pm

    Yay for mats! Stay out of the lava!!!

  2. July 25, 2009 1:11 am

    I’m sad we didn’t get to play, or really hang out. I’d like some reconnection time when I get back please.


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