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Gimme Time..

July 1, 2009

My last post was dramatic, this I know.  I apologize if i startled anyone. I still very much hold on to the ideas I put forth, especially the part about people underestimating me and my potential. There is a lot of me that I don't give because I haven't either been given permission or found myself in a situation where it would be welcomed and appreciated. But regardless.. that is a serious discussion for another day.

I was asked to make a post noting my current state. I'm doing okay. I'm going to be okay. I am growing and dealing and yes, there are issues in my life at this moment. Most of which have been inspired by events, but are rooted around things much deeper than that and really have nothing to do with the things people think they do. I will be okay. I just need time. I need to heal at my own pace. I need to be encouraged and loved and accepted. I need to make amends at my own pace. I need to build and foster the new things that need building and fostering at my own pace. Last time, I jumped in expecting a warm welcome and was worn thin and hurt badly. I'm not doing that this time and that has to be okay. I need to be okay when I'm ready to be okay. I can't be forced.

So everyone who messaged me, thank you. I am better. Things are good with me and Vie, well not good.. but we're stable and ya. There is nothing to worry about, he hasn't done anything that anyone should blame him for.

I SWEAR big big big posts are coming soon, and they're good too. You'll love them. This weekend. I PROMISE! 😀


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