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HNT #2

June 18, 2009

Okay okay.. geeze. APPARENTLY I’m slacking today because I’ve already gotten 50 hits and I haven’t posted anything in a few days lol. Gosh people.. patience! hehe. Let a little Evey wake ups lol.


~Mrawr~ I have a pretty new green swimsuit! I’m leaving for Vegas this afternoon on a 5 day trip. Totally stoked. It’s a birthday bash and I get to hang out with all our other friends flying in from across the country! Much debauchery will ensue.. and I’m sure stories and pics from my trip will find their way into HNT’s in the future. Been spending my morning off drinking tea and packing my stuffs.. fairly soon I shall have to start getting hot for the plane ride. He’s picking me up from the airport in the jeep. Giggity.

I will say, it’s going to be strange. My persona around him has always been much more Evey like, even though he has known me since I lived in LA. Haven’t seen him in a year now, and since then I’ve developed the Evey persona pretty thoroughly. Will be odd to be in giggly Evey space.. hair, makeup, glitter and all.. but hearing my real name. LOL.

Anywho.. I doubt I’ll be posting until I come back on Monday evening. Free weekend in Vegas- here I come!! (cross your fingers for lots of malibu and cokes, and maybe even a big dick or two ~rawr~)

❤ Evey

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