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Shake, shake shake

May 19, 2009

YAY! Another one of those posts I have had in my back pocket is finally making it’s way out. I had an experience last night that finally gave me the perspective necessary to finish.

I want to talk about orgasms. Specifically, what IS an orgasm? We all know the textbook definition.. it’s essentially a series of muscle contractions. But that definition doesn’t satisfy me. I hear about women who can cum over and over again, and some who even get off from pain or sensation play during a scene. I sat next to a girl in a car last week who was cumming over and over again from the bass in the trunk alone. These types of people perplexed me for the longest time. I associate orgasms with that insanely relaxing series of muscle contractions in my naughty bits. I don’t have those every time I have sex and have never been able to have multiple in succession. What is it that I’m not getting???

I know I’ve kind of mentioned this in my writing before, but during scenes I have the tendency to go into mini convulsions. Since playing with Cross, those convulsions have ceased to be something that just *happened* and has turned into like a steadily building series of events that multiply one after the other. Like a wave of fabulous shaky energy that comes over me til it’s gone. And each successive wave is stronger and stronger, edging me closer to subspace. I needed something to call this, so I’ve appropriately termed them my “Scenegasms”.

In the last few weeks as things have begun shifting in terms of the level of openness with Vie, my scenegasms have begun to find their way into sex. The first time I went into series after series of convulsions while riding on top.. it was the strangest and best feeling I’ve ever felt with sex (if you’re having trouble figuring out which night I mean.. I’m talking about the NOT-quick quickie). Since then, it hasn’t ever really gone away. I’ve been getting used to it and it’s great, and extra little addition to our sex life, he makes me shake and scenegasm 5-10 times every time we have sex (which is a much better number than our comparative ratio of orgasms.. was 2-1 in his favor, although recently just moved up to 4-3 his favor. I’m getting better hehe).

Last night I had my first scenegasm in a not so sexual situation. I was sitting being a voyeur with a couple I have newly befriended, watching them cook dinner and go about their normal evening and found that tiny urges that usually come at the beginning of a scene start to build.. “hum, strange,” I thought. But not really a big deal. Then Vie came over to hang out too, and the four of us are part of a larger group of 6 who have the most interesting energy of a group of people I have ever met. The energy between the 4 just sent me into overload. I was laying on the floor as wave after wave hit me. I was a complete mushy gushy mess the entire night. Not only have I never had that many scenegasms in a single sitting, but I also haven’t ever had them from voyeurism or soaking up energy (I’m a bit empathic).

It’s left me wondering, have I had it wrong all along.. ARE those orgasms, just a different kind? If so then I’ve experienced lesser versions of them my entire sexual life. Or are they something different and unique? I’m not sure I have the answer, but I really want to continue trying to find out, not only because it’s sexy as all hell- but because I’ve found this part of me that works differently that I’ve always thought it did. I want to test the waters and push the limits and see what kind of fun things I can really do with a little more experience!

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