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March 27, 2009

So.. wow. WHAT A FREAKING DAY. Of course when I actually want to sit down on my lunch break and write, is going to be the day that we have 50 million emergencies in the clinic. So I ask you to overlook any typos and syntax/grammar error for the time being. I will most likely refine this post (and add to) when I have a chance this weekend…

However there are a few things I wanted to talk about before the day was over. Just.. getting things out there haha. I feel in a sharing sort of mood today.

First off, I am completely excited for this weekend!! Oh my goodness… I have a scene planed with a few people and HOLY CRAP is it going to be amazingly fun haha. That is all I can say.. Not to mention that I’ve been dying to wear my cincher all week. I really need to look into getting an everyday kinda thing to wear under the scrubs.

I also wanted to talk a bit about where I stand in terms of what I’m looking for. To be frank, while I very much miss emotional commitment.. having someone who I know I always come first with and vise versa.. I am not looking actively. Those types of connections come when you least expect them. For the most part- I am simply looking for friends in the scene. I would appreciate that anyone even thinking of me in any OTHER way please take the time to get to know me. I am much more receptive to those who make advances after showing interest in ME as an intellectual human being than just seeing me in the club, thinking I’m cute, reading my profile on fetlife and coming to the conclusion that we’d be GREAT together. Just to further define: in my world friendship takes more than just hanging out once or twice… try several conversations and probably my willingness to share personal- non scene related information.

THAT being said.. I very much appreciate the way a certain person has been going about things. I happened to have done this GREAT scene with two fellow submissives who were feeling rather feisty last week. There was one person in particular who’s energy was FANTASTIC! He just “got” what level I wanted to play at and it was great. He is, in fact, the one who is actively planning the scene I am so excited about this weekend. While I appreciate everything that has transpired in the meantime (yes vague I know.. but as he says “I don’t want to write anything I can’t take back” haha) and very much agree with his own statements about the chemistry and energy. He is not someone I am looking to date, or maybe even have a relationship outside the club beyond friendship, but I am very excited at the prospect of our planned scene this weekend and seeing where things go from there. (Has that answered questions?? haha)

After saying all that, and thinking in my head “GOSH! I have so much more *EEK* hehe”, I regretfully must return to work. blech.

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