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March 11, 2009

One month ago last night, I went to my first SKALES meeting at the Enclave. This last month has been one of the best of my life. There were extreme ups and extreme downs, and I’m in a place emotionally that isn’t the happiest at the moment, but I think it’s part of a process. I’m discovering something new about myself and I’m at that point where this new part of my life is conflicting with what I know about myself.. leaving me in kind of a funk. That being said, I was reflecting on things before the meeting last night and I felt a sense of overwhelming appreciation. I feel as though a gift has been given to me- new experiences, new friends, and a new sense of Self. I can’t fathom or comprehend what I have done to deserve such gifts, and only hope that someday I can help others experience what I have.

I don’t usually call people out in my writings because I try to respect the privacy of my friends in the scene, but I am going to make an exception today. I feel that I need it to be known how amazing the following people are. They have made a considerable impression on me within the last several weeks and I don’t feel my introduction to the scene would have been the same without them.

First and foremost, I need to thank the friend who pushed me to “go public” and explore what it was that I was looking for…

Vie- Thank you. In the short couple months we have been friends, you have been nothing but kind to me, and it is appreciated even more than you will ever know. I admire a great many things about you and look up to you as a brother. You were the catalyst that has lead to amazing change in my life. WEWT! *gold star* hehe

Next is the woman who welcomed me in with open arms, and made me feel accepted and included…

Miss Angell- I cannot thank you enough for your generosity and guidance. I feel blessed to have met you and so lucky to have stumbled into the safe arms of such a “good person”. šŸ™‚

Cargion- you’re freaking awesome. You know that? You’re a dirty freaky kid and I love you for it! haha Thank you for introducing me to a side of myself I never knew existed. I love ya hun!!

Braddock- I don’t know if you know how much I enjoy your insight and advice. Thank you. Your guidance and knowledge has been a huge help to me.

And a final great big hug goes out to everyone else who has befriended me. You are all such beutiful people and I appreciate each and ever one of you. So…

Nyx, Lynx, Sabine, Steve, Kandi, Barb, Dio, Sugar… and anyone else I might have forgotten…


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