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The Uncommon Household Cait

March 1, 2009

Tonight I am in a mood to express myself. My first inclination is to let out what is really on my mind, but seeing as I don’t think I have had sufficient time to process these thoughts, I will save them for another day. Instead I am going to revisit a post I started, oohhh maybe a week ago.

So it all starts with a story. I was talking to someone I’ve been casually emailing back and forth on fetlife, and they made an interesting statement. He was saying how I’m not really a submissive for a couple reasons…

1. I am a masochist.

2. I am not collared and am involved with multiple partners

Now, I don’t even think I need to explain to people reading this how ridiculous this reasoning is. But, it reminded me of one of my favorite quotes…

“Thy beauty that doth make me like thee well,
Thou must be married to no man but me.
For I am he am born to tame you, Kate,
And bring you from a wild Kate to a Kate
Conformable as other household Kates.”
Taming of the Shrew

I know I know.. it ties in so nicely with my name! haha The point is, I have always seen this scene as one not that portrays Petruchio as a lustful gentleman simply wishing to have Kate to himself, rather a portrayal of his desire to break her. To change the core of her being.

I may be small and timid to some, but those who know ME- the real Cait know that I am very independent and put in the proper situation can be a force to be reckoned with. I will never conform to some one’s unjust ideas of who or what I should be. I will never find myself involved with someone who does not love my independent spirit and actively work toward enhancing that, if anything. I took the comments made to me about my submission as an insult. My BDSM is not necessarily your BDSM, but that does not make it any less valid.


I am not your average household Cait.

I refuse to be broken into my submission.

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